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Employment at Pride Weed Control

Pride Weed Control, Inc. was started in 1990 with the objective of earning a profit for it's owners by providing quality weed control services. Those services can only be provided profitably if Pride's empoloyees profit from compensation paid for their time, effort, ingenuity, care and brains.

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Mechanical weed removal involves the use of weedeaters, chainsaws, rakes, pitchforks, tractors, brushhogs and drags. Mechanical weed removal is offored only to oil and gas customers.

Chemical weed control involves spraying of herbicides to either control all vegetation and provide bare ground or to control certain plants, usually known as noxious weeds, while preserving grasses and other desirable vegetation. Chemical weed control is done by hand application or from trucks, ATV's or tractors. The vast majority of our work is provided to oil and gas companies in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico and Utah for the control of weeds around production equipment, on well locations, access roads and pipeline rights of way.